Meet our committee

The Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild Inc is managed by a dedicated volunteer committee, who run our events, manage our sponsorships, and arrange our speakers and broad range of activities.


President: Sandra

Sandra is best known for her beautiful modern traditional quilts, fabulously curated stash and exquisite hand quilting.  She is an inspirational quilt teacher and is an expert at many different techniques.   Her quilts often feature a wide range of low volume fabrics, shirting, linens, Liberty and a touch of black and white!



Vice-President:  Tamara

A magazine cover sparked Tamara’s interest in quilting in her late 20s and got her doing some classes. Having no friends that were into quilting at the time meant the fascination didn’t last more than a few years. Discovering work colleagues that quilted saw her getting back into it in 2015. Finding her tribe in the form of the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild has seen her technique and taste change and grow inspired by the diverse group of people that are full of encouragement.



Secretary: Bronwyn

Bronwyn HBronwyn’s love for colour and pattern led her to quilting because it gives her a legitimate reason to throw fabric all over the house. Her style is eclectic; loving Liberty and improv and blousey flowers and geometrics. She tries her hardest not to sew with black; and coral pink, raspberry red and navy her faves.






Treasurer: Sharni 

Sharni has been a quilter for 30+ years, her tastes are wide and varied, and sometimes a little eclectic! She loves color and has a rather impressive fabric stash! She would be classed as a teacher, quilter and fabric collector! Sharni’s greatest joy is creating in her studio, playing music and machine whizzing!! She has a real love of applique and always has a block she is working on in her handbag! She loves attending Guild events and believes she has finally found her tribe.



Social Media & IT: Louise 


Louise is a founding member of the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild and previously held the role of President. She also produces some pretty spectacular quilts!
Its no secret that over the past 20 years she has accumulated many UFO’s,  has an enormous fabric stash and library. She always has many PhD’s on the go and you will find her working with just about every modern style, technique and colour, with the exception of purple!



Charity: Chris

Chris has always been a maker but only discovered quilting in 2015. She is captivated by all facets of the process of quilt making, learning and trying new techniques and has become an avid hand quilter. Chris joined the MMQG in 2016 and loves being a part of such a vibrant creative community and is inspired every day by modern quilters and modern quilts. Chris loves linen, navy, brights and any fabric with a bird on it!



Projects: Sue


Sue has been quilting for nearly 20 years and has a penchant for scrappy quilts with a modern aesthetic. Her eclectic choices in fabric stems from the motto “throw it all in there and see what comes out”. Sue says nine times out of ten (we say 10 out of 10!)  the result is pretty amazing!





Events: Maryjane Morris