Meet our committee

The Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild Inc is managed by a dedicated committee of volunteers. They run the guild’s events, manage sponsorships, invite speakers, and organise a broad range of activities.

As of September 2020, the committee includes:


President: Tamara (@tstunnell)

A magazine cover sparked Tamara’s interest in quilting in her late 20s and got her doing some classes. Having no friends that were into quilting at the time meant the fascination didn’t last more than a few years. Discovering work colleagues that quilted saw her getting back into it in 2015. Finding her tribe in the form of the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild has seen her technique and taste change and grow, inspired by a diverse group of people who are full of encouragement.


Vice-President: Kath (@kbald80)

Kath has been quilting for about 25 years. She loves everything about it – except basting, but who likes basting? She particularly enjoys hand work – hand piecing, hand quilting and EPP. Loves bright quilts, and really appreciates the opportunity belonging to the guild gives her for friendship and company of others who share her passion.




Treasurer: Suzannah (@maybeinoz)

Suzannah made her first quilt 25 years ago, and quilting has been her creative outlet ever since. Fortunately the thickness of her bindings has become more refined since then. Paper piecing is her favorite for the detail and structure it provides. Whenever she travels around the world, Suzannah loves to seek out local fabrics as souvenirs.


Secretary: Angela (@ange2412)

Angela joined the guild for friendship just under 4 years ago when she moved from interstate, but she’s been quilting on and off for much longer. In that time, she has become an expert in collecting fabric and starting projects. She hopes to learn how to finish all the things one day.



Events: Grace (@gracedimuzio)

Grace is a novice quilter and recent member of the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild. She has a love of all things fibre and textiles and can happily spend days on end sewing, printing, dyeing and designing silkscreen and block prints for fabric. Grace joined the guild to meet like-minded makers and learn the art of quilting.



Social Media & IT: Caroline (@geometriquilt)

Caroline has been quilting for over 5 years, but still spends more time thinking about, looking at, and designing quilts than she does actually making them. Through the guild, she’s met other makers, learned new techniques, and recognised her complete inability to work with prints.



Ordinary Member: Sue (@curlyquesue)

Sue has been quilting for nearly 20 years and has a penchant for scrappy quilts with a modern aesthetic. Her eclectic choices in fabric stems from the motto “throw it all in there and see what comes out”. Sue says nine times out of ten (we say 10 out of 10!), the result is pretty amazing!