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1. Name, Purpose and General Matters:

1.1. The name of the Incorporated Association is Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild Inc. It may also be commonly referred to as “The Guild” and/or “Melbourne MQG Inc.” and/or “MMQG Inc.”.

1.2. The purpose of the Guild is to develop, encourage and foster the cultivation and evolution of modern quilting through community, education and art.

1.3. The aims of the Guild are to:

  • To encourage, support, share and inspire modern quilting in and around Melbourne, Victoria.
  • Work with other Modern Quilt Guilds nationally and internationally and with other guilds and groups with a similar purpose.
  • Encourage new quilters and other textile artists interested in non-traditional quilting projects.
  • Offer educational opportunities through classes, workshops and sharing information.
  • Support and provide opportunity for charitable or other works that provide back to the community through the use of modern quilting skills.

1.4. Location: The Guild welcomes members from all over the State of Victoria, but our meetings and events are held in Melbourne.

1.5. Not for Profit status: The Guild is a Not for Profit Association Incorporated in the State of Victoria.

1.6. Financial Year: The financial year begins on 1 July and ends on 30 June each year.

1.7. Annual General Meeting (AGM): The Annual General Meeting will include elections for the Committee, annual report and financial statements. General meetings may also be scheduled throughout the year.

1.8. Privacy: Member information is collected for the purpose of Guild business only and every effort will be made to protect the privacy of individual members. Members’ details will be requested and supplied electronically according to the requirements of local guild membership of the official Modern Quilt Guild (MQG) based in the USA. Personal information of members will not be offered for sale or otherwise by MMQG Inc. to non-authorised parties without prior consent. Members will be required to clearly identify themselves in any on-line activities and social media sites. Personal information will be disclosed when legally required.

1.9. Meeting conduct: General meetings will be conducted in accordance with accepted Australian business practice.

1.10. Access and Equity: No person shall be denied membership to The Guild or be denied participation in any Guild events or activities solely because of the person’s sex, race, religion, nationality, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation or physical or mental ability.

1.11. Good Standing: Means having no outstanding fees owing to the Guild and/or not having membership under review/suspension/cancelled.

2. Membership:

2.1 Any person who supports the purpose of the Guild is eligible to apply for membership. All members must agree to adhere to the Rules of the Association for the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild Inc. and abide by the Code of Conduct. Associate Membership may be granted to anyone under the age of 18.

2.2 To apply to become a member a person must submit an application form as specified on the MMQG Inc blog. The Committee will consider all applications as soon as practicable and all outcomes will be notified to applicants in writing, usually by email. The Committee has the right to refuse membership for any reason other than those detailed in Section 1.10.

2.3 Members must remain in good standing and maintain a fully paid membership to be able to participate in Guild activities.

2.4 Members will receive notice of Special General Meetings and the Annual General Meeting via email.

2.5 Our philosophy is that the sorority of Guilds (such as our “mother guild” The Modern Quilt Guild) and modern technology that accompany them allows people to collaborate remotely, share knowledge and ideas, and to contribute to swaps and many other activities without needing to meet face to face or participate in events. The capacity to become actively involved online means that we feel it fairest to set membership fees as a single rate. All members have access to the same benefits regardless of physical location.

2.6 Visitors (Non-members) are welcome to attend up to two sewing events or meetings, (with exception of a General Meeting or Annual General Meeting) or a combination of both to help decide if MMQG Inc. is for them. Members from other Modern Quilt Guilds affiliated with the official Modern Quilt Guild (USA) from Australia or overseas will be entitled to attend events at the MMQG Inc. member rate, at the discretion of the committee. Previous applicants whose applications have been rejected are not able to attend meetings or events as a visitor or affiliate member.

2.7 Membership fees and benefits:

Joining Fee: All members will be required to pay a joining fee once their application has been approved.

Annual subscription: All members will be required to pay an annual subscription fee. If a member withdraws or resigns from the Guild during the term of the membership, fees will not be prorated or refunded. Members may not attend events unless they are financial and all applicable fees are paid in full.


  • You will be able to be a part of this vibrant, enthusiastic and creative group of people.
  • You will be eligible to attend any meeting of the MMQG Inc. (fees may apply).
  • You will be eligible to attend Guild events at member’s rates.
  • You will receive priority registration to retreats and special events.
  • You will receive voting rights (Associate members may not vote).
  • You will be eligible to participate in Guild challenges and group projects.
  • Access to the MMQG Inc. blog button for your website or blog page.
  • Access to the MMQG Inc. member’s only Facebook page.
  • Access to any benefits that MMQG Inc. can obtain or negotiate for its members.
  • You will become a member of the official Modern Quilt Guild and entitled to benefits as follows:
  1. Access to the new Modern Quilt Guild website, which includes a social media hub that can be used at an individual, national and international level;
  2. You will able to easily communicate with other guilds and their members;
  3. You will be able to share photos, ask for advice from other members and find information about MQG challenges;
  4. Access to the MQG monthly webinar series;
  5. Opportunities to participate in inter-guild member swaps and challenges;
  6. Discounted entry fees for MQG quilt shows;
  7. Priority and early bird registration, and discounted rates on conferences and events;
  8. Discounts and special offers with MQG sponsors;
  9. Membership cards;
  10. Official member blog button;
  11. Membership pin;
  12. 10% discount on online MQG merchandise purchases.
  13. (Important note: The MMQG Inc. takes no responsibility for the MQG list of benefits – this is information provided by the MQG and may be subject to change without notice)

2.8 Other costs – Meetings and Events:

The Guild plans to hold two sewing events most months as well as formal and informal meetings throughout the year. Timing of these will vary and include evenings and weekends. Dates and locations of these meetings will be advertised on the MMQG Inc. blog. We also hope to schedule extra special events like charity sewing days, or host presentations by guest speakers, so if you have ideas or suggestions, we would love to hear them.

Meetings will normally be scheduled for mid-week evenings on a bi-monthly basis and run for a few hours. A small attendance fee will be charged to cover expenses. If meetings are held in places such as rooms in restaurants or bars, attendees will need to pay for their own meals, snacks or drinks. If held in library or community rooms, tea and coffee will usually be provided and a shared plate for supper would be most welcome! It is envisaged that these social meetings will allow members to bring hand sewing and may include Show and Tell, sharing of information and skills, and speakers.

Special General meetings, will be scheduled on an as needs basis to discuss business matters. No fee will be payable to attend these. Visitors, unless approved by the Committee, will not be permitted to attend these.

Events such as Sit and Sew days/evenings, retreats and other special activities cannot be fully subsidised by the Guild, due to costs such as hiring suitable premises. These events are designed to allow members to bring their sewing machine and available space will be limited to a maximum number of attendees to ensure the comfort of participants. Attendees should note that individual venues may have

Not everybody can attend the face-to-face activities, so in the interests of being equitable, it is necessary for those who do attend to cover these costs.

Please note that while every effort will be made to offer all events publicised they will only proceed if there is sufficient interest.

3 The Committee and volunteering:

3.1 The Committee shall consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer and Ordinary members.

3.2 Sub-committees may be created to assist the Committee in carrying our activities and responsibilities of the Guild. The Committee will establish subcommittees consisting of members with terms of reference it considers appropriate.

3.3 In addition to the work performed by the Committee, there are a number Guild activities that members may like to help assist with throughout the year. Coming along to events and meetings, and contributing actively to the Facebook page are vital. In addition, the Committee may call for volunteers from time to time, for example, to help with special events, projects such as charity quilting, sourcing supplies, researching guest speakers etc. If members have any ideas for activities or changes they would like to see, they are encouraged to come along to the next meeting to present the ideas. The incorporated structure allows for the free interchange of ideas and for members to vote on proposals put forth by any member.

4. Advertising:

We’re keen to support our members, affiliates, sponsors and supporters. We will work with members to ensure any promotion is in line with the Guilds purpose, and meets your needs as well as those of the Guild. Perhaps you would like to come and present as a special interest speaker at an event or meeting or sponsor an activity? Please contact to discuss this further.

5 Indemnification and Insurance:

5.1 The Guild may purchase indemnification insurance for officers, members and/or volunteers as needed for Guild business.

5.2 The Guild has purchased and will maintain Public Liability Insurance for all Guild business.

6 Dissolution:

In the event the Guild is dissolved, funds in the Guild bank account(s) and any surplus assets, which remain after payment of all debts, and the charges and expenses which are properly incurred in the dissolution, must not be distributed to any members or former members of The Guild and will be used to purchase quilts for museums and historical societies and/or distributed in accordance with the Guild’s Statement of Purpose as outlined in item 1.2 of the Guild’s Rules of Incorporation.

This document may be subject to change without notice.

Last updated 19 December 2013.