Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct sets out the expectations for participation in the MMQG’s Facebook groups.

Moderators may delete or edit posts that do not comply with the Code of Conduct and, in serious cases, may temporarily or permanently ban guild members from the Facebook groups.

Please note that the Code may be amended at the discretion of the MMQG Committee. Any changes will be promptly communicated to members.

1. Be courteous with each other.

All posts and communications should be friendly and courteous. Show consideration and respect for others, regardless of differing or conflicting views. Be polite, tolerant and generous in your interactions, the same as you would be in a real life, face-to-face conversation.

2. Follow the law (and common sense).

The following will not be tolerated:

  • Defamation.
  • Racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, or religious intolerance.
  • The posting of rumours or innuendo.
  • Posting or promotion of illegal content or activities.
  • Cyber-bullying (posts or comments used to bully a person or group by sending messages of an intimidating, harassing, aggressive or threatening nature).
  • Failure to attribute sources in quoting and referencing, particularly from commercial sites (quoting a sentence or a single paragraph with a URL-like or other reference is acceptable; quoting an entire article is not permitted).
3. Protect people’s privacy.

The use of identifiable member names is required to be able to access the MMQG members-only Facebook groups. Facebook pseudonyms will not be accepted. The identity of all participating members should be transparent to everyone at all times.

Blocking another member, including any members of the Committee and/or the group moderators, from viewing or interacting with your posts within this forum will not be tolerated.

While the members-only group is a closed group, no member is to post the personal contact information of another member, whether current or past. Posting your own personal information is your prerogative, but please refrain from compromising another’s right to privacy.

4. Keep posts relevant and avoid self-promotion.

The following may be posted on the Facebook site:

  • Quilting-related topics and events such as community and charitable quilt shows.
  • Information regarding sales of quilting-related products by non-member registered Australian businesses.

Promotion of members’ businesses, products or services is not permitted. This includes self-promotion and promotion by other members. Please remember, our Facebook group is not an avenue for members to create business leads.

Promotion of other guilds and their activities, except for Victorian Quilters Inc and the Modern Quilt Guild of which MMQG Inc is a member, is not permitted.

The Committee reserves the right to promote to members any event or activity that it deems suitable via Facebook, email and/or the MMQG website.

If you have any doubt about the suitability of an intended post, please contact the group moderators first. Clicking on ‘Members’ in a Facebook group will show you a list of the admins and moderators.

5. Don’t dominate the group.

Domination of postings will not be tolerated. Members making the community all about themselves, hijacking other member’s threads and steering the conversation towards their own interests, regardless of the intended subject matter, or initiating the same threads or themes repeatedly which have no purpose other than to incite and inflame the community, is not acceptable. This kind of behaviour stifles the participation of other members and will not be tolerated.

6. Respect the Guild and its members and moderators.

Any online or personal comments that are defamatory or otherwise impugn the good standing and reputation of the Guild, the Committee or any individual member of the Guild will not be tolerated. Remember the Guild is a not-for-profit organisation, and members of the Committee and the online moderators provide support to the Guild on a voluntary basis.