Charity quilts

As responsible global citizens, the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild and its members value service and philanthropy. Our philanthropy program is an important part of The Modern Quilt Guild mission.

Our philanthropic mission is to support individuals and communities during transitional periods through modern quilting.

At an international level, The Modern Quilt Guild members and member guilds work on philanthropy projects, creating quilts, quilt tops and quilt blocks and providing quilting supplies, in support of our philanthropic mission to improve life for those in transition.

The Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild is committed to supporting and providing the opportunity for charitable or other works that give back to the community through the use of modern quilting skills. Our philanthropic program continues under the direction of our Charity committee member.

The G quilt made by the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild
‘The G’ – our charity quilt submission for QuiltCon 2017. Read about it on the blog.