Sewing meet ups

Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild members meet up regularly for sewing, learning and skill sharing.

Our Sit and Sew Days are just that. Come, join with your guild friends, sit and sew, share, show off your work and enjoy. Occasionally we even have a Super Sit and Sew Day – up to 12 hours of fun!

Visitors are welcome to join us at our events, except those listed as ‘Members only’, on two occasions before we ask that you join the guild.

Bookings are required for all events and usually open up on the 1st day of the month in which the event is held. A small fee is charged at the time of booking to cover costs for venue hire.


Sun 3rd, 9am - 4pm
Christmas Sit and Sew Day
(Members only)
GJ’s Discount Fabrics
31 Steane St, Fairfield
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