The Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild’s Inaugural Travelling Quilt Project

By Eleri One person’s adventure in time and fabric Back in April 2016, we were all offered an opportunity to join a new Guild bee called The Travelling Quilt Project. Naturally, with my motto of “sure, I’ll give it a go – after all, how hard can it be?”, I stuck up my hand as […]

Book Review: ‘By The Bundle’ by Emma Jean Jansen

by Alys Gagnon Welcome to a new series of book reviews, brought to you by the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild. With the explosion of interest and flurry of activity in modern quilting has come an enormous array of new books full of guidance, technique and importantly, new patterns. The Guild wants to explore these books, […]

Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild outreach

A couple of years ago, some MMQG members were chatting about how nice it would be to share our love of quilting with those less fortunate.   MMQG member Billie (a go-getter!) contacted the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre, a medium to maximum security women only correctional facility owned and managed by Corrections Victoria. As she spoke with […]

MMQG Charity Quilt

The Modern Quilt Guild’s flagship event, QuiltCon, is fast approaching, and Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild are proud to have participated by taking part in the MQG’s Member Charity Challenge.   The Challenge is open to all members of the MQG and for Guilds like ours, takes a group approach. The theme for this year was […]

Modern Quilting

This is an extract of an article which appeared in Vic Quilter magazine, Jan 2015, written by MMQG member S-J Rice. The modern quilt movement has emerged over the past decade as a distinctive style of quilt making, which sits alongside traditional and art quilting as another valid expression of the quilting community. The term […]