Quilt Exhibitions

Modern Quilts at ACQ

We have been delighted to have been invited by the organisers of the Australasian Quilt Convention to provide a showcase of modern quilts.  Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild have worked with Modern Quilt Guilds from around Australia to provide a representation of the artform, with the support of the Modern Quilt Guild.  The AQC is running from 16-19 April at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens.  We are very proud to present the following modern quilts, along with their artist statements:

Misdirection. Jess Frost. Tasmanian Modern Quilt Guild.

Misdirection explores the versatility of the half square rectangle, taking chevron quilts to a whole new level. Inspired by the Sixties, this quilt features bold bands of colour and negative space created with low volume prints. Misdirection was one of twelve quilts featured in the QuiltCon 2015 magazine.

Designed, Pieced and Quilted by Jess Frost
Techniques: Machine Pieced, Machine Quilted

Mesmerism. Billie Stewart. Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild.

I love to modernise traditional blocks by changing the scale and colour to focus on simple shapes within the block rather than the repeating pattern effect. In this quilt I found inspiration from a MQG post about half square triangles that showed different compositions in grey and white. I used a restricted colour palette to create a striking cross in the centre. Modern quilting fabrics have beautiful bright clear colours which automatically modernise the look of traditional blocks.

Currently my main method of working could be described as modern traditionalism and modern structured improv. That is an improv component using the structure of foundation paper to anchor points and dimensions. This technique enables use of scraps, rough cutting, fast construction, with a freedom to improvise and make it up as I go along. I see this as a progression from home-made textile traditions and freedom from measuring and patterns – most importantly the end product is unexpected because the process is flexible.

Designed and Pieced by Billie Stewart
Machine Quilting by Vera Fachara
Techniques: Machine Pieced, Machine Quilted


Modern Medallion. Crystal McGann. Canberra Modern Quilt Guild.

The Modern Medallion is designed from the centre out. Multiple borders surround the central medallion using a variety of modern techniques such as improv foundation piecing, wonky piecing and free hand curves.

Designed, Pieced and Quilted by Crystral McGann
Techniques: Machine Pieced, Machine Quilted


Love Letters. Jeanette Bruce. Canberra Modern Quilt Guild.

I designed Love Letters originally as a request to be a part of a book that was to represent work from modern Australian quilters. As I am an American transplant to that Australian countryside I wanted to create a quilt that told the story of how I came to be in Australia. My husband and I met in 1996 and kept in touch over the years, writing traditional letters back and forth that eventually turned from friendship into love letters.While I was getting my visa sorted to marry and move to Australia permanently I walked into a quilt store and was mesmerized by the colour and first began quilting. I wanted to make a quilt that represented the time in my life when my husband and I first began our relationship, which also coincided with the start of my venture into quilting.

Designed, Pieced and Quilted by Jeannette Bruce
Techniques: Machine Pieced, Machine Appliquéd, Machine Quilted

Audrey. Andi Herman. Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild.


Having become rather interested in pixel quilting in the past year, I wanted to challenge myself and create a more photorealistic quilt design, even though that would mean a lot more piecing and quilting work. I used www.youpatch.com to design my quilt pattern which made the process so much easier.

The choice of Audrey Hepburn was, for me, a no-brainer. She is the personification of elegance and style and THAT’s what I wanted to achieve in my quilt. I am so happy with how she turned out!

Designed and Pieced by Andi Herman
Machine Quilted by Kylie Cannon
Techniques: Machine Pieced, Machine Quilted, Machine Bound

Wash Day Blues. Jules McMahon. Canberra Modern Quilt Guild.


My panacea to the chaos that is life is to quilt, so “Wash Day Blues” was created in response to a common problem in our house – depending on who does the washing as to how the clothes come out. The log cabins represent the feeling of going around and around with the same conversation after yet another instance of my whites mysteriously ending up in a colour wash and coming out blue – it’s too late to worry too much so the obvious solution was to turn it into a positive outcome – I just won’t let anyone else wash this one!

Designed, Pieced and Quilted by Jules McMahon
Techniques: Machine Pieced, Machine Quilted



Subdivision. Kathy Thorncraft. Greater Western Sydney Modern Quilt Guild.

The original inspiration for the design of this quilt came from a picture of a tiled wall in a subway station. I was inspired by the use of two basic traditional blocks randomly placed and rotated, to create a complex and intricate modern design. By using only two fabrics it also gives the illusion that the pattern is much more complex than just the two basic blocks of a half square triangle and a rail fence block.

It is quilted with curves radiating from one corner which add some subtle texture to the straight lines in the piecing.

Designed, Pieced and Quilted by Kathy Thorncraft
Techniques: Machine Pieced, Machine Quilted


Opal Essence. Lorena Uriarte. Greater Western Sydney Modern Quilt Guild.


Opal Essence is my first foray into pattern design and publishing. The quilt was inspired by the silk tumbling block quilts from the mid to late 1800s. These boldly coloured silks were pieced over paper forming an optical illusion. Opal Essence was machine pieced and I’ve added a layer of appliqued circles to the diamonds creating a further illusion of balls bouncing down the blocks. I particularly love scrappy quilts because I can include small bits of my most treasured prints.

Designed and pieced by Lorena Uriarte
Machine Quilted by Michele Turner
Techniques: Machine Pieced, Hand Appliquéd, Machine Quilted


The Definition of Stitch. Sarah Fiekle. Individual Member, Modern Quilt Guild


The dictionary defines a stitch as “a single complete movement of a threaded needle in sewing.”

Designed and Pieced by Sarah Fielke
Machine Quilting by Kim Bradley
Techniques: Machine Pieced, Improvisational Piecing, Machine Quilted


Giant Scrappy Swoon. Erin Quinn. Brisbane MQG.


I fell in love with the swoon blocks and when I saw the giant swoon I couldn’t resist. I chose colours that my husband would allow into our bedroom and started stitching. This now lives on my bed and is one of my favourite things.

The pattern is available through www.hopefulhomemaker.com/scrappy-swoon-quilt-along/

Designed by Jennifer Harrison
Pieced by Erin Quinn
Machine Quilted by Jane Davidson
Techniques: Machine Pieced, Machine Quilted