Challenge: Re-imagining a Baltimore block

The Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild began 2022 with a short challenge that sought to stretch the imagination of those who participated. The challenge: Make a modern mini quilt (max. 24” square) based on one of these three traditional Baltimore blocks: Participants were asked to take some of the core features of these Baltimore blocks – like […]


The Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild’s Inaugural Travelling Quilt Project

By Eleri One person’s adventure in time and fabric Back in April 2016, we were all offered an opportunity to join a new Guild bee called The Travelling Quilt Project. Naturally, with my motto of “sure, I’ll give it a go – after all, how hard can it be?”, I stuck up my hand as […]

AccuQuilt GO

Using an AccuQuilt: A Member’s Experience Making HSTs

Let’s talk fabric cutters. Given the Guild’s recent AccuQuilt GO! acquisition I thought I would share my experience after having had the opportunity to have a ‘play’. Let me preface this by saying that in the past I have been resistant to using fabric cutters.  I heard all the rave reviews and I’ve seen the amazing […]

Aurifil Thread – What You Need To Know

At our last Super Sit and Sew Day event, we were lucky enough to have our own Judy Hammersla talk about thread, specifically Aurfil thread. She is a quilter, and thread lover, and through her direct working relationship with Aurifil, was able to give us an insight into Aurifil thread and why it is so […]

The G quilt made by the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild

Our QuiltCon 2017 Charity Quilt Submission

Every year, the Modern Quilt Guild hosts a charity quilt challenge for members to participate in. The challenge includes a theme and a set colour palette to work within, and quilts entered are showcased at QuiltCon. This year, the directive was to “play with scale”, and the colour palette given was: One of our members, Andi Herman, […]

‘Making of the Australian Quilt’: Past and Present

Written by Cathy Barbagallo Recently many of us were able to enjoy the amazing exhibit at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) on the ‘Making of the Australian Quilt’.  The exhibit featured numerous quilts that are normally housed at the National Gallery of Australia (NGA), and are shown rarely due to their delicate nature.  The […]

Book Review: ‘By The Bundle’ by Emma Jean Jansen

by Alys Gagnon Welcome to a new series of book reviews, brought to you by the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild. With the explosion of interest and flurry of activity in modern quilting has come an enormous array of new books full of guidance, technique and importantly, new patterns. The Guild wants to explore these books, […]

August Sit and Sew Day

MMQG members know the best way to make it through a Melbourne winter is to gather in a group and make quilts.  So that’s what we did.  And we were so delighted to welcome some new members to the team! And we especially love when new members bring Show and Tell to their very first […]


There’s a huge buzz around quilty town at the moment, with the opening of the National Gallery of Victoria’s (NGV) new exhibition “The Making of the Australian Quilt”.  This stunning exhibition showcases quilts from 1800 – 1950 which are uniquely Australian and tell Australia’s story through quilts from the convict era to post WWII. To celebrate […]