Challenge: Re-imagining a Baltimore block

The Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild began 2022 with a short challenge that sought to stretch the imagination of those who participated. The challenge: Make a modern mini quilt (max. 24” square) based on one of these three traditional Baltimore blocks:

Participants were asked to take some of the core features of these Baltimore blocks – like the use of colours, natural elements and symmetry – and re-imagine them in a modern way.

We started the challenge at the end of January and finished on 28 February. The following images reveal the fabulous results!

Billie Stewart
Gabrielle Darroch
Chris Beanland
Grace Di Muzio
Kath Bald
Katrina Wilson
Kim Dalziel
Michelle McKillop
Marnie Weinrich
Linda Norwood
Linda Norwood
Nerida Ryan
Pip Porter
Nerida Ryan
Anna Small

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